Perpetual Possibilites, collectively Grasp

March 1, 2009

Perpetual Possibilites
March 28 – May 23, 2009
Works by Maria Bonn

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 28, 6 to 9pm

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San Francisco, CA—Creative re-use (of anything) generates unrealized productivity—results otherwise never explored—unimaginable treasures. collectively GRASP announces Perpetual Possibilities, a collection of mixed media and collage work by Maria Bonn. Bonn collects the “anythings” from her inevitable accidents—failed and wasted materials she transforms into useable objects, the accidents yielding epiphanies of positive possibility. The artist makes a special effort to repurpose as many of the pre-existing scraps as imaginable and possible. Simultaneously, the exhibition tracks the evolution of Bonn’s career towards more eco-responsible processes and material choices—simply healthier alternatives.

Why generate more waste, conforming to society's innate nature to “purchase new”? Advocating reduction, Bonn utilizes recycled, non-conforming elements of various form and function to construct integrated wholes. Disparate, yet connected, she merges modularity and produces loose frameworks for personal expressions and public revelations; physicality—small individual components becoming a part of a whole in an entirely different capacity than intended.

Maria Bonn was born in Kobe, Japan in 1979 and currently resides in San Francisco, California. She received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in May 2006. She is interested in art, science and the self—continuously probing the relationships between them to extricate new meanings and discover new possibilities in her work.

Recent projects include working in conjunction with Carlos Villa to produce Rehistoricizing the Time Around Abstract Expressionism in the San Francisco Bay Area 1950s–1970s, encompassing a roundtable discussion held at the Anne Bremer Memorial Library (2005) and including a forthcoming publication. For this work, Bonn was the recipient of the 2006 Schmidt Community Arts Fellowship.